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Healing Angels

 Holistic Practice & Spiritual Courses

Welcome dear reader of this website, as an IET® Practitioner/ Master Instructor, I will guide you with IET® Therapy and coaching, courses and lectures,  in a holistic way for body, soul, spirit and spiritual growth in my practice. How? By re-energizing the self-healing power and beginning with a spiritual journey, which will give you insights, messages and vitality. It is the spirit that nurtures you and to which the body responds.

   Allow yourself these spiritual developments which will enrich your life.


Greetings from heart to heart, Alice.

IET Integrated Energy Therapy®

Spiritual Lectures

Offered lectures include: Healing with Earthangels and Angels, Inca Shamanism: the Munay- Ki and Learn to Meditate.

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My Practice

IET Integrated Energy Therapy®

Integrated Energy Therapy is  powerful holistic ‘Nowadays Energy Healing’ for adults and children, connected with the aura and chakras.

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Shamanism is a religious belief; is connecting to mankind, the Angels, the 7 Archetypes, Mother Earth, the animal world, plant world and the universe.

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Meditation is well known from Hinduism and Buddhism. In both of them, the faith of body, spirit and soul is nourished by finding rest and health in your own ‘Yourself’.

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Sharing is Healing


Spiritual World


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Alice Watervoort-Jongen

Vondelstraat 22b, 6445 AK Brunssum

+31 (0)45 52 740 55 | +31 (0)6 51  111 349 


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