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Every course/workshop, lecture will help you to discover and to contact spiritual energies. You let the spiritual pioneering sense lead you to find out which directions suit you. Is it e.g.:  Angels teachings, Shamanism, Buddhism, Gemstones! Would you like to learn to contact and how  to communicate with the spiritual world?

Are you curious and would you like to make a start or develop further? Here you can be offered sufficient support in doing so.

‘It is a Journey of Spiritual Growth.’

IET Integrated Energy Therapy®

Spiritual Lectures

Offered lectures include: Healing with Earthangels and Angels, Inca Shamanism: the Munay- Ki and Learn to Meditate.

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IET® Therapy for Adults

The body stores and suppresses feelings. We cannot function properly because of negative feelings which are stored, they hinder the well-being of humans.

The cellular memory: brain cells will mainly remember facts, body cells will mainly remember feelings and sensations of former lives and of this life. With the guidance of angel energy, the IET® healing technique will remove negative blockages in every cellular area and integrate their opposites: positive feelings.


With this IET® Therapy we will work together as a team with the angels to remove your energy blockages,  so that you will be in balance again and will be able to function optimally.



IET® Integrated Energy Therapy 

Contribution Basic: € 50,-

IET® Integrated Energy Therapy 

Contribution: € 60,-


Advanced & Soul Lesson

Contribution: € 72,-

IET® Therapy for Children

We are all born with open chakras.                    

Newborns  and young children benefit from this to discover their new world. In their youth they are going to explore the world with its positive and negative influences. The negative influences will block their energy stream to function as well as possible. As they grow older the chakras will partly and slowly silt up by influences from the outside.

Thus, children may get complaints like: Insomnia, fears, stomach pains, sudden outbursts of tears and apathy. Here too, the IET® healing technique gives children a helping hand and as a team we will work together with the loving angels and guardian angels.


The angels cannot wait to support the children with their love and support.


The treatment consists of: rest, warmth and love.


IET® Integrated Energy Therapy 

For Children

Contribution:: € 40,-

IET kinderen

IET® Healing Angels workshop

Healing Angels of the Energy Field

In this Angels Workshop we are going to work with the 9 healing angels. We will contact the Angels via a short meditation to attune to their energy. They convey their energy and help us to attune to our Higher Self and the Self-Healing power. With a simple four-step process we will come into contact with the angels. 

Every angel has a special gift. We will contact each angel through a Heart Link and an inviting prayer to receive the healing gift in that way. You will be guided by me step by step to come into contact with the process of connecting the Angels.


The 9 Healing Angels of the Energy Field are: Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Cassiel, Daniel, Celestina, Faith, Sarah and Michael.


After this day you will have the potential capacity to call up their energy for yourself and to work together with the Healing Angels. This workshop is open for everyone who feels connected with the angels or if you would like to get to know or meet them for the first time and would like to experience their energy.

Make a spiritual journey together with these angels. Thus, you may come across: incidents, insights, messages and it will give spiritual enrichment to your life. Angels are always close to us and love to give you protection, power, health and guidance.



IET® Integrated Energy Therapy

Contribution: € 125,-

Including: Official IET® Certificate; Reader/ Workbook


Munay-Ki Course

Munay means love and Ki means power/energy. Together it means: Power of Love from, ‘I love you’. 
The Munay-Ki are 9 initiations of the Healing Path of the Incas. These initiations are given to us by the shamans of the Q’ero’s, a people from the Andes in Peru, who are known as the last traditionally living, direct ancestors of the Incas. Your shining energy field will be cleansed and it will remove psychic sediment from the past. Sediment, which may hinder you in functioning well in this life. It will activate your own ability to heal, will offer you energetic protection and a bond with the 7 archetypes ( Snake, Jaquar, Hummingbird,  Condor, Huascar, Quetzalcoatl and Pachakuti) creative and organizing powers, the earth and the universe. 


These 9 initiations will help you to let body, soul, and spirit work together better and to integrate them.

You can start the budding of this Inca seed with the 9 initiations of the Healing Path of the Incas.

After you have received these initiations, you can pass them on according to the standards of Alberto Villoldo.

With these intentions and with unconditional love, I would like to confirm and pass on my work.


In Munay, Alice. 



Munay-Ki Course Inca Shamanism  

Contribution: € 295,-


Including: Certificate, Reader/ Workbook, Pi-stone, 1 DVD and 2 CDs



Ama Deus

Ama Deus is an ancient powerful shamanistic healing system of the Guarani Indians. It is a holy energetic healing with a series of 26 symbols. For the last 6000 years, they have been used by the tribe of the Guarani Indians who live deep in the Amazon forest of Brazil. The system was transmitted to the western world by the Brazilian healer  and doctor Alberto Aguas. Part of his life he lived with the Guarani Indian tribe. Ama Deus means the Love of God. Guarani Indians are the most spiritual people who apply their healing for all life on Mother Earth. Their aim is to become  united with the Source, universal divine Love. They work from the heart chakra. It is an unconditional, loving healing: a reinforcement for yourself and your fellow human beings (adults and children), animals, plants, all areas of life. Ama Deus can also be called upon in end-of-life care and help the dying person pass to the Source of  ‘I am going back home’.

Believe in the power of Ama Deus.


Give with your Heart – Receive with your Heart


Are you interested in a treatment? This can be given on the physical, emotional, mental and karmic level. It can be performed in the practice or at a distance.

Do you have feelings of affection for shamanism? This healing will touch your Heart!

Course Ama Deus, here you will learn the 26 age-old energetic symbols with specific  techniques; how you can use them for yourself and others. You will receive an Initiation after which you are part of this universal love relationship.

Welcome to Ama Deus. 


Ama Deus Workshop

Contribution: € 120,-

Inclusive: information file and Certificate.

Shamanistic Healing and Course

ama deus

Course: Learn to meditate

Meditating is a natural and agreeable  way to work on your spiritual growth process, which will open the door to a deeper consciousness and inner peace. Besides, meditation will help you to achieve goals  and to bring them to life. Meditations can give insights and more clarity to take the right decisions in this life.

At a physical level: strengthen the immune system, improve the blood circulation and give pain relief.

At an emotional level: more positive emotions, you are in balance and inner peace.

At a mental level: more clarity, more creativity and the development of more ideas.

At a spiritual level: unconditional love. Meditation will guide you to the spiritual world.


During this basic course, guided meditation will be given, with simple techniques in order to learn how you can practice meditation in a safe way further at home.


Basic techniques are:

— Grounding/earth.

— Breathing technique.

— Listening to your body.

— Attuning to energies

— Awareness of senses.

— Cleansing Aura – Chakras.

You will go through spiritual growth. It will expand your consciousness, give you more relaxation, inner balance, new positive power – energy and healing for body, spirit and soul.


Course Learn to Meditate     

Contribution: € 50,-

Including: Information file

leer mediteren

The Rite of the Womb

the 13th  Rite of the Munay-Ki

This rite, initiation, is a loving womb healing. A gift to yourself, it will activate your feminine power, so that your womanhood will be opened more and that it can begin to manifest itself here and now, on our Mother Earth. This rite descends of the Inca female shamans from the Amazon forest and it will connect you with the collective female line.


The womb is not a place to store fear and pain,The womb is a place of creativity and birth of live.


During this ritual we will open up our maternal primal force in our womb and we will let it stream into our whole being. This transfer of energy will connect us with all women worldwide and with the wisdom of the universe; Mother Earth and every living being in this wonderful world. Within us, we carry among other things: pains, sorrows, illnesses, traumas of former lives of our ancestors. We would like them to be healed!


You will loosen with love, what we do not need anymore and put it in the womb  our place of creation with all you want to heal and manifest in this life. In this way, you will heal all pains of the former generation and you will obtain healing, renewed wisdom, freedom, women power and love which you pass on to the next generations then.


Receive the womb healing - Share the womb healing.


The womb ritual comes from Marcela Lobos, from the line ‘The Four Winds’ school of Alberto Villoldo. You can receive this rite more often, if you feel the need for it. The 13th  Munay-Ki Rite, womb healing, refers to a woman’s  menstrual cycle of 13 moons. It is independent from the other Munay-Ki initiations, therefore the initiation can be received separately. Women without a womb can also receive the rite, for it is healing  the woman’s unity of energy, as well as connecting with the womb of the universe and Mother Earth.

Men are also welcome in the women’s circle. They were nourished and cradled in the womb and after birth they have taken the energies with them in their lives. In this way, it is a healing for themselves and in the rite, they will also support the woman.


The rite is transferred by the Womb Keepers. After receiving this rite, you are also a Womb Keeper and you can transfer it to others. In this way, we form a large ‘healing circle.’

Would you like to receive ‘The Womb Rite – the Womb Ritual’, then you are welcome.


The Rite of the Womb Workshop

Contribution: € 65,-

Including: Information file

More information on the Marcela Lobos website:

- Registered in the list of The Womb Keepers.


Spiritual Lectures

— Find out how to Meditate Safely.

— Healing with Archangels and Angels.

— Inca Shamanism: the Munay Ki.

 Find out how to Meditate Safely.

During this lecture, I will tell you how you can meditate in a safe way, how you can get deeper  insights for yourself; for life; how you can reduce stress. It helps when you receive explanation about how to meditate safely. Besides, short angel meditations and relaxation exercises can be offered, as desired.If you have never meditated or a few times, this is a fine opportunity to become acquainted with it. Nurture yourself in rest, balance and health.

Healing with the Archangels and Angels.

What Angels are, will be explained. In what way the Healing Angels could mean something for us and how we contact their energies.Discover the healing gift of the Angels. The Angels support us, give their unconditional love and are waiting to be met and to work. This lecture is open to those who feel connected with the angels.

Inca Shamanism: the Munay-Ki.

The Q’ero’s are a people from the Andes of Peru. There are 9 initiations of the Munay Ki, the healing path of the Incas. These initiations are energy transmissions which will cleanse your shining energy field and will remove psychic sediment. They will heal wounds from our past, our childhood and our ancestors. They will help to live life in a healthy, lighter and more joyful way.


Spiritual centers and associations can contact me for giving these spiritual lectures.

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