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The 9 Initiations

Fundamental Rites:

1: Initiation of the Healer – activate the Healer in you, heal yourself and other people.


2: Bonds of power – connect yourself with  your own natural power.


3: Initiation of the Harmony – you activate it with the power animals, the archangels and the gatekeepers. Psychic dead weight will be removed.


4: Initiation of the Seer -  activate the inner seer in you and with it, your ability to see the invisible world of energy and spirit.


Angels and Archangels Rites:


5: Initiation Keeper of the Day – For the healing of the feminine in you and to bring harmony in your relationship between humanity and earth.


6: Initiation Keeper of Wisdom – For the healing of the masculine in you and to connect with the ancient old wisdom.


7: Initiation Keeper of the Earth – connect with the archangels. Your body will begin to heal and age in a different way.


8: Initiation of the Stars – Initiation of the time to come. You will be relieved of your past. Your aging process will begin to slow down.


9. Initiation of the Creator – will see to a high creativity and purposeful creative power.
You are the architect of the script of your life.

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